Siddhartha School Students & Their International Friends Honor Women

Siddhartha students and their international friends would like to share their female heroes with you. May the strength and compassion these leaders embodied be the guiding star for the new generation, from all points of the globe, male and female alike.

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Shinje–A Spooky Siddhartha School Hero

Every living being in this world is held in the jaws of Shinje, and the only way out of the cycle of birth and death is through spiritual practice—doing for others, taming one’s mind, and overcoming our own mental afflictions of the ego.

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Shantideva: The ‘Lazy’ Monk Who Became a Hero

In this HERO PROJECT drawing, an 8th grade Siddhartha School student named Stanzin Sherab drew a delightful portrait of the great 8th-century Indian sage Shantideva, who understood the great joy in doing good.

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Music Matters: The LAMO-Siddhartha School Music & Media Camp 2.0 CDs are Shipping!

Siddhartha School students perform in the Stok Palace courtyard for the school’s new ‘Music and Media Camp DVD’. Watch the performance, beautifully filmed by Mr. Tashi Morup of LAMO, our partner in the music camp program.

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Students & Graduates Celebrate International Women’s Day

Explore the work of Siddhartha School students and graduates in celebration of International Women’s Day.

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