⚡ BarSculpt Supports Siddhartha School—Again! ⚡

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BarSculpt Is Back as a
#GivingTuesday Business Partner!

When you give at least $25, you’ll get a 50-minute video led by BarSculpt owner/creator Leslie Guerin! This introductory workout to Barre and Pilates will get you moving, learning, and excited to learn more. Barre and Pilates are two complementary methods that help keep the spine moving, the body balanced, and the muscles lengthened. 

Donate using the link below from now until the end of GivingTuesday on November 29, and you’ll receive this video good for infinite viewings. It is yours to use and keep. It’s a $25 value, and every dollar benefits the Siddhartha School’s Fund for Teachers. We’re grateful to BarSculpt for this generous contribution! 

BarSculpt owner/creator Leslie Guerin writes: 

To support education in Ladakh, BarSculpt is donating a full introductory, on-demand Barre and Pilates video. Give back and also receive the tools for some movement-based stress relief!

Leslie Guerin has been teaching Barre and Pilates for over 20 years, and in a time where fitness methods are focusing on being more intense, Leslie is finding that Barre and Pilates keep the intensity on form, function, and connection, to keep them doable, not only multiple times a week, but at any age or fitness level. 



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