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The Hero Exchange is a project that connects students around the world in a creative conversation about who inspires us. Students from different cultures draw portraits of people and things that inspire them, and we show them together in a collective exhibit, hoping to connect cultures, learn from each other, and start conversations.

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Participating Schools & Organizations

The Hero Exchange is an art project and scholarship fund powered by young people and supported by an international community of schools, social organizations, and corporate partners who believe in the power of empathy to improve our world. To learn more and get involved, click below.

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Siddhartha School

Stok, Ladakh, India

Minnequa Elementary School

Pueblo City, Colorado, USA

The Bush School

Seattle, Washington, USA

North Yarmouth Academy

Yarmouth, Maine, USA

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Upcoming exhibition

All Your Art Is on Its Way to the Himalayas!

That’s right. We are superexcited to share that the Local Hero portraits will go on display in November in Ladakh, India, at the Ladakh Arts And Media Organization (LAMO) Community Gallery.

Stay Tuned for Details:
We will record opening night and post the video here.

Call for Entries

Appreciating the Animal Beings

Who inspires you? We are an international group of young people sharing our portraits of heroism. We are currently accepting entries for our 2019 Exhibition Theme: Animal Heroes!

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