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Support the Fund for Teachers
Purchase a Rinpoche’s Blessing Bracelet

Rinpoche’s Blessing Bracelets are an exclusive offering from Silk Road Spaceship (SRS), part of their Good Karma Collection. SRS collaborates annually with Rinpoche to bring you a unique, limited-edition gift to benefit Siddhartha School. There are just 21 of these bracelets made and blessed by Rinpoche, so we suggest you get yours before they sell out.

When you buy Rinpoche’s Blessing Bracelet for $108, all the money from your purchase goes to Siddhartha School. Plus, SILK ROAD SPACESHIP will give you free shipping on everything you purchase with your order, so you can knock out some holiday shopping and save. So show your love this holiday for Siddhartha School’s mission to educate Ladakh’s most vulnerable children. THANK YOU!

In Himalayan Buddhist cultures, monks will distribute “blessing cords” to their followers. These cords are typically red but can be other colors as well. The monk or monks in his monastery bless the strings in a ceremony with prayers and offerings. Rinpoche performed an ancient ceremony with these beautiful, multicolored silk and brass bracelets to bless them and those who will wear them.The strands symbolize the enduring connection of the Siddhartha School community across continents–strands of support that weave the school’s donors, teachers, and parents, together to lead Ladakhi youth by the hand through their educational journeys.

Visit the Silk Road Spaceship website to learn about their important work and to purchase a Rinpoche’s Blessing Bracelet to support the work of the Siddhartha School.



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