🌹 Graduation Test Results Are In 🌹

Posted By: Media Coordinator


Congratulations to Students, Teachers, and Staff! 

We’re thrilled to share with you that the government announced the 10th-grade board exam results, and once again Siddhartha School has achieved 100% passing grades for the 32 students in the 2022 graduating class! Siddhartha School has maintained its 100% pass rate since 2018. And we know this is a team effort, and each student, teacher, staff member, and parent all play an important role in keeping our students graduating. We applaud each of you for your tremendous effort during the strain of remote learning. Bravo! 

Photo: (above) Some of the graduating class pose for a group shot with their friends. 

A celebratory party was given for the graduates and their friends. Junior students made signs of encouragement and helped decorate the hall for the occasion. There was a formal graduation program held, and graduates were presented with gifts, awards, and a traditional white, congratulatory katak scarf. Following was a graduate luncheon (pictured above), which featured a homemade cake (photo below). All of us at the Siddhartha School Partnership send our warmest congratulations to all those moving on to their next chapter in life. We wish you success, fulfillment, and health as you head out the Siddhartha gates. 



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