🎂  See the Group Birthday Wishes to Rinpoche  🎂

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Happy 85th Birthday, Khensur Rinpoche! 

See the Group Birthday Card HERE

To all 70+ people who responded with birthday wishes for Siddhartha School founder Khensur Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan on his 85th, we send a resounding thank-you! He received your well-wishes, pictures, and heartfelt messages and is very moved. 

Today, March 5, we take a moment to reflect on how one man’s idea has led to a magnificent chain reaction that has touched the lives of so many. For over 20 years, the school he started has lifted students and families to a brighter future, giving them literacy, critical-thinking skills, and a lot of heart. 

The Partnership, US board, Ladakhi board, and community of volunteers, supporters, teachers, and students send their very warmest HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rinpoche. What a good use of 85 years! 

The photos below are from the group birthday card.



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