💫 It’s Throwback Thursday, and We’re Revisiting the Siddhartha School Hostel 💫

Posted By: Alex


The Siddhartha School hostel provides a home for the education of students in need.

We are so excited about Giving Tuesday at the end of this month on November 30th! Each year we bring you 3 videos that highlight the life-changing impact of the Siddhartha School. This year our videos will highlight the Siddhartha School community. We’ll share the first of those videos on Saturday, November 27.

Today we’re sending you a video from our 2017 Giving Tuesday campaign featuring the school’s hostel. While it has been closed throughout the pandemic, we remember the important role it plays in the education of our most rural students. 

We’ve Established the Fund for Teachers
to Continue Our School’s Success

It’s a permanent fund supporting salaries, supplies, and schoolrooms.



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