Big Congrats To Our 2020 Graduating Class + A Year-End Giving Reminder

Posted By: Media Coordinator


Congratulations to All Our Students
Who Graduated This Year!!!!! 

Photo: The 10th-grade students take final exams. All graduates will be receiving their diplomas by mail. 
Your Support Makes a Difference! 
Because of the Siddhartha School and Your Support,
Our Graduates Have Opportunities That Did Not Exist 25 Years Ago

Dear Supporter Community, 

This past week, our grade 10 students completed high school exams and will soon receive their diplomas. This is an accomplishment to celebrate! Most Siddhartha School students are the first in their families to graduate from high school, so these diplomas will open doors and provide new prospects for them and their families. As they embark on this new path, it is our deepest hope that their education will bring personal success, and we believe that their success will benefit everyone in their community and beyond.

We cannot express the thanks we feel to all who have provided support for their education. If you haven’t yet, the year is not finished! 

Despite the challenges we faced this year, we were able to endure because of your generous contributions and the dedication of our teachers. In 2020, your support enabled us to

·   Deliver education to 435 students
·    Employ 42 teachers and support staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
·    Provide 223 full-tuition scholarships

Together, we will continue to create opportunities for the students at Siddhartha School in 2021.  

With gratitude,

Alex Stigliano
Executive Director
Siddhartha School Partnership

Siddhartha School Partnership
Giving the next generation of global leaders the tools to learn, love, and serve Ladakh and beyond, encouraging a peaceful world for all.

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