It’s Thursday, and We’re Throwing Back to the Media Vault

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Hear What Dr. Thupten Jinpa Thinks of
Siddhartha School’s SEL Program

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a compassion-based program focusing on peaceful conflict resolution and emotional health. It’s also a pillar of Siddhartha School’s curriculum. In fact, we’re credited with pioneering the SEL program in the region’s education system. Led by Sophie Langri (Dr. Jinpa’s wife) and her colleague, Danielle Marquis, we’ve been teaching SEL to our teachers and students since 2016.

This interview with Dr. Thupten Jinpa was filmed in 2018 and is a favorite from our media vault. We hope you enjoy it. And we give special thanks to Jeanne Cosby, who has made SEL possible at the school. 



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