We Welcome a New Addition to the Siddhartha Family  

Posted By: Media Coordinator


A very happy announcement!

“The baby is healthy. I feel proud to be promoted to mother; it’s a beautiful feeling to see baby smiling in sleep, is my best feeling so far.”

—Principal Dechen Wangmo

Meet Dorjey Gyalson Arya

Over the Siddhartha School’s winter break, Principal Dechen Wangmo has been busy being a new mother! On September 18, 2021, she and her husband, Major Ravi Arya, had a baby boy named Dorjey Gyalson Arya at 8:57 IST. Dorjey means “indestructible, invincible.” Gyalson’s root is Gyemtsen, which is the victory banner, one of the eight auspicious symbols. His name was given to him by one of the Ladakhi rinpoches.

Principal Dechen has been the headmaster at Siddhartha School since 2017 and will be returning alongside our students for the upcoming spring session, tentatively scheduled for March 1. We send a heartfelt congratulations to her and her new family!



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