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Travel with Global Family Travels and
Donate to Siddhartha School !

Since 2010, Global Family Travels has been a longtime partner and supporter of the Siddhartha School Partnership, taking clients on Learn, Serve & Immerse adventures in Ladakh, India, the remote home of the Siddhartha School. 

Travel to Ladakh in 2024: Compassionate Adventures to Learn, Serve & Immerse

Starting today, Global Family Travels is offering $200 to the Siddhartha School’s Fund for Teachers for each participant who wishes to visit Ladakh in 2024 on one of our Learn, Serve & Immerse adventures. The offer is good on a trip deposit made through March 31, 2024, for one of three incredible trips, shared below and in this downloadable PDF. If you wish to do a custom adventure to Ladakh, please contact Global Family Travels at info@globalfamilytravels.com

Global Family Travels (GFT) is blessed to be a longtime friend, supporter, and partner of the Siddhartha School Partnership (SSP). In fact, this past summer, our founder, Jennifer Spatz, and her family were lucky to host SSP’s founder, Khensur Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan, at their home in Bellevue, Washington. We salute this wonderful school that honors the rich cultural heritage of Ladakh and provides students with high-quality education in a remote part of India.  

Named one of the World’s Greatest Places by Time Magazine for 2023 and recently on the cover of the April 2023 issue of Condé Nast Traveler, Ladakh, India, is a destination known for awe-inspiring landscapes and rich Buddhist culture that dates back centuries. In partnership with local communities and nonprofit organizations, Global Family Travels has been leading tours to Ladakh for over 14 years. In the summer of 2024, travelers can join one of our unique experiences to immerse themselves in the compassionate Ladakhi communal culture and gain a deep understanding and heartfelt appreciation of the traditional heritage of this stunning region, while also supporting compassionate Ladakhi organizations engaged in supporting their communities and Ladakh’s natural environment.

Meet the Weavers, Shepherds, and Designers of Ladakh’s Culturally Rich Textile Trade
June 1–June 11, 2024 / Optional Extension to Kashmir!

A vital stop for Silk Road merchants and traders, Ladakh, India, is home to generations of artisans creating exquisite garments, furnishings, and liturgical items from an array of natural fibers. Global Family Travels’s 11-day Textile Adventure to Explore Ladakh’s Cultural Heritage and History provides travelers with an immersive journey into the textile trade and culture of Ladakh and insights into how this remote region played a large role along the Silk Road. This trip is led by two global textile experts, textile designer Laura Kozaitis, and cultural anthropologist Monisha Ahmed, and brings visitors to meet the shepherds, weavers, painters, dyers, and designers that continue the region’s rich, cosmopolitan cultural heritage to connect the common threads of the modern and ancient textile history and culture in northern India.

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How Buddhist Tibetan Nuns Are Nurturing a Sustainable Environment in Ladakh, India 
June 25-July 5, 2024 / Optional Extensions Included!

In June of 2024, Global Family Travels will lead a one-of-a-kind Sacred Pilgrimage with Buddhist Nuns, a trip that features cultural and mindfulness experiences, including learning about the commitment of the Ladakhi nuns to nurturing their communities and the  environment. This trip is led by Venerable Tenzin Dasel, an American-born Buddhist nun who lives and teaches in the Ladakh region and supports the good deeds of the nuns at the Ladakh Nuns Association. Through immersive experiences with the nuns at the Ladakh Nuns Association, travelers will learn about the commitment of Ladakhi nuns and how they nurture their communities and the local environment. The journey provides the experience of being side by side with the nuns, meditating, gardening, and serving their community while experiencing a peaceful pace centered on cooperation and compassion.    

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A Compassionate Journey to Regenerate Spirit and Nature in Ladakh
July 4–18, 2024 / Optional Extensions Available!

In July of 2024, in partnership with a yoga/wellness retreat facilitator, Djazia Belle, Global Family Travels is offering a 15-day Compassionate Retreat to Ladakh to Regenerate Spirit and Nature. The uniquely curated trip will truly immerse participants in the Ladakhi-Tibetan healing culture, including in ancient rituals, Buddhist practices, and meditation. Each day will include daily retreat activities to uplift your spirit through intention, movement, and meditation aligned with yoga and qigong principles.

This adventure supports the following compassionate organizations engaged in nurturing their communities and the natural environment: Siddhartha School Partnership, the Ngari Institute, Ladakh Nuns Association, and Ladakh Arts and Media Organization. 

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Read about the highlights of Global Family Travels’ 2022 trip here: Immerse in Ladakh, India: Top 10 Travel Highlights Filled with Culture and Community Experiences



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