? Honoring Ladakhi Bhoti Language Day ?

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Keeping the Traditional Ladahki Language Alive

Earlier this month, Siddhartha School celebrated Ladakhi Language Day. The Bhoti language (sometimes spelled Bodhi) is Ladakh’s native tongue; it is a member of the Tibetic language family but not mutually intelligible with standard Tibetan. Many educational institutions across Ladakh honor this day with special programming and cultural entertainment. It’s a moment to reflect on the unifying power and beauty of their heritage.

Photo: (above) Students made special signs in the traditional Ladakhi language of Bhoti to honor the day.

Most students, staff, and teachers wore their fanciest cultural attire. Many items were handmade, and some items have been passed down through generations. The party included refreshments in the multipurpose hall with dancing, Ladakhi storytelling, and speeches on the historical importance of the Ladakhi language.

Photo: (below) Both students and teachers participated in the cultural fashion show and had a few moments to walk the red carpet.  

Prizes were given to the best-dressed students. There was even a category for a teacher prize. The day was truly a celebration of history, community, art, and lineage. We are proud to support the Siddhartha School’s dedication to ensuring that future generations know, celebrate, and honor their rich history.

Photos: (below) Students and staff enjoying the special celebration around their cultural practices and language. 



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