💕 Join Us in Celebrating International Children’s Book Day 💕

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International Children’s Book Day is celebrated on April 2 annually, coinciding with the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author famous for his fairy tales that include “The Ugly Duckling,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Thumbelina.” 

Did you know that the Siddhartha School Partnership published a children’s book? The images below are from The Radiant Deer, which retells one of the beloved Jataka Tales, stories from the Buddha’s previous births. This particular tale, about a compassionate deer who saves a drowning man, has inspired readers for more than 2,000 years!

Studies conducted across the globe continue to demonstrate the benefits of reading to young children. It builds language skills, exposes them to new words and ways of using language, and imparts general information about the world. The American Academy of Pediatrics used brain scans to prove that hearing stories strengthens the part of the brain associated with visual imagery, story comprehension, and word meaning. 

To celebrate International Children’s Book Day, donate $50 or more, and we’ll mail you a copy of The Radiant Deer as a thank-you gift. 

To receive your own copy of this fantastic book,

  • Use the following button or navigate to ssp.kindful.com/?campaign=339270.
  • Follow the instructions; be sure to include your current mailing address.
  • We’ll email you a confirmation and ship you The Radiant Deer.



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