? Teaching Students Responsibility ?

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A Structure That Teaches Responsibility

The Siddhartha School believes that when you hand responsibility over with trust, it creates an opportunity for a student to rise to the occasion. This trust principle is demonstrated in the Student Council. 

Photos: All photos are from the 2023 Oath-Taking Ceremony, which swears in the eight new house captains.

The Student Council comprises eight students designated as house captains. A boy and girl act as leaders of each of the four Siddhartha School houses: Vikramshila House, Nalanda House, Lumbini House, and Kushinagar House. The houses are grouped based on the students’ age. Each two-person house captain team shares the responsibility to oversee their respective house. The girl house captain works with the girls in their house, and the boy house captain works with the boys. Last week, the new student leaders took part in the 2023 Oath-Taking Ceremony that acknowledges their roles in the Student Council.

The house captains must take an oath that charges them with the responsibility to serve their fellow students and to enforce certain school procedures. It is in this way that the Student Council acts as a unified voice and creates a peer support network. On behalf of the students in their house, house captains can also voice grievances to the school administration if they arise. The house captains are also responsible for leading their fellow students through interhouse activities such as games and academic competitions. This system builds responsibility and accountability while functioning as peer support for all students. 

We are proud of those students who accepted the role, and we wish them success in 2023! 

Siddhartha School Congratulates the Newly Sworn-In Captains

Photo: (below) The newly sworn-in captains will oversee their respective Siddhartha School houses, facilitate peer support, and enforce procedural school requirements. They also act as student representatives and can bring student grievances to the school if needed. 



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