An Outreach Event for Parents

Posted By: Media Coordinator


Before school was let our for winter break, Siddhartha School hosted a day of addressing important issues facing parents. The topics covered for parents of adolescent-age students included discussing cell phone use, social media, and mental health issues. 

Guests included Ms. Nilza from the District Social Welfare Office, Ms.Tashi Dolma from the Child Protection Unit, and Dr. Samina Batool, a neuropsychiatrist. Mr. Dawa from Tele-MANAS, a local NGO, spoke on issues around addiction.

These guest speakers shared their knowledge and expertise about new challenges facing parents due to cell phones and social media. Parents left this informative and impactfull gathering with new tools to better help them and their children.

Leadership at the Siddhartha School is delighted to share that nearly all families had at least one parent present. Engagement and interest in these critical parenting issues was beyond what the school had hoped for. There are plans to host similar events in the upcoming school year.



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