Announcement: Special Opportunity to Hear Khen Rinpoche Speak at Tibet House in NYC!

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“All children receive immense affection and love from their mothers. This is a biological factor, not based on religion. We should be able to find a way to promote these values on this level, not based on religious faith. This is what I call secular ethics. Secular in the Indian context of respecting not only religious believers but also those who do not believe in religion.”

—His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

We are delighted to announce a special opportunity to hear Khen Rinpoche speak at Tibet House in New York City.

The Venerable Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan, Abbot of the Tashi Lhungpo Monastery at Bylakuppe in South India, and the founder of Siddhartha School will give two talks as part of a special, 17-part course called “Force For Good,” at Tibet House on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s secular ethics movement. In each two-hour class there will be lecture, actual meditation, and dialogue.

March 16th, 7-9pm“Bodhicitta” – Khen Rinpoche will discuss the Buddhist wish to attain enlightenment as motivated by a profoundly secular, boundless compassion for all living beings. Rinpoche will discuss the altruistic intention, the abandonment of self cherishing, and the wisdom that underlies it by drawing on practical examples from the monastic study tradition and ’tong-len’ meditation.

Click here for advanced tickets.

March 30th, 7-9pm“Our Precious Adversaries” – Khen Rinpoche will discuss the wisdom and practicality behind valuing and respecting our enemies as our highest teachers. He will explore how afflictive emotions such as anger directed at an adversary can be re-framed and re-contextualized to facilitate deeper awareness of the human condition and heighten our commitment to altruistic values.

He will share his experience with traditional monastic methods, such as the philosophical debate tradition, which capitalize on the ‘precious adversary’ approach in promoting rigorous scholarship and fruitful, secular relations among diverse faith-based and scientific communities.

Click here for advanced tickets.

While registration to the full “Force For Good” course is closed, we are fortunate to extend an opportunity for supporters of Khen Rinpoche’s school initiatives to hear him speak as part of this exciting, timely course on a secular application of Buddhist ethics for 21st century education.

Suggested donation is $25 per night at the door. Advance ticketing is recommended.

You can also ‘virtually attend’ via Livestream for a fee of $7.

• March 16th livestream tickets here.

• March 30th livestream tickets here.

For questions regarding ticketing, email us.

With deep appreciation for your continued, kind support of the Siddhartha School Project,

Laura Kozaitis
Executive Director
Siddhartha School Project



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