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Khen Rinpoche has spent over 24 years dedicated to global educational initiatives. He is an international teacher, an abbot, a school founder, and an overall champion for academic development. See alum Stanzin Angmo’s Biography of Khen Rinpoche. 

24 thoughts on “Leave a Birthday Comment Below For Rinpoche’S 80th!”

  1. Happy Birthday Rinpoche! Wishing you a long, healthy and happy life!! You are an inspiration on how I wish to lead my life and my hope is that I am able to impact the lives of others as you have.

  2. Happy happy birthday to my teacher, friend and continual clear example of how to live this life with joy, wisdom and presence…I am so very grateful for you and wish you the happiest. Birthday and continued health and well being!! See you soooon!! Yay!! 🙏😊

  3. Happy 80th Birthday to Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan. Long live Khen Rinpoche. Please live past your 100th birthday. Om Tare Tuttare Ture Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan Ayuḥ Punya Jñānā Puṣtiṃ Kuru Svāhā. Best Regard, Angela Hoang, Greenwood, IN USA.

  4. Dear Rinpoche,
    My family and I wish you a VERY HAPPY 80th Birthday and good health, and we look forward to your visit to Seattle this April! I feel incredibly blessed to know you and to be supporting your good work — you are a true inspiration and a gift to those who surround you!
    Sending you 80 big birthday Hugs,
    Jennifer, Mark, Arlene & Elliot Spatz

  5. Rinpoche, happy birthday and please have many, many more. You are an inspiring example of the best qualities that a human being can achieve. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. Happy Birthday Dear Rinpoche! Wishing you a joyous year ahead filled with blessings. I am grateful to know you. Thank you for being the inspiration you are to so many. Looking forward to seeing you this summer. Much love,

  7. Yippee Ki Yi Yay! It’s your birthday Rinpoche! Writing to you from Machias Maine, home to many who love you and support the work of the school. Thanks so much for being a part of our lives and think of you often, especially when we visit Roque Bluffs beach. Wishing you a very happy day. Love, Connie and children Cedar and Sage.

  8. Happy Birthday, Khen Rinpoche! Much love and best wishes for a long life! See you soon in Maine!

  9. Have happy birthday throughout the years. I am very much pleased to know you and your wonderful contribution to the today’s world.
    Much respect

  10. Happy Birthday, Rinpoche!!So many people are so very happy hat you were born 80 years ago. And even happier that our karmas have brought us together with you for so many years. May you live long and share your abundant joy and wisdom with us all!! Blessings to you.

  11. Happy Birthday To Honerable Khen Rinpoche! I can hardly belief your age! May you continue to have many blessings and good health.
    Although I am far away from you I always see the bunny in the moon! Thankyou for your continued great blessings and kindness ! May you enjoy a long life with much health and happiness! May all of your good thoughts come to fruition swiftly ! Om

  12. Happy belated birthday greetings. I’ sure you had a wonderful one. Hope to greet you at the Rubin at the end of the month and can wish a Happy Birthday in person!

  13. Two Haiku for Khen Rinpoche Lobbing Tsetan on his 80th birthday
    Emanating love
    Rinpoche teaches and guides
    by sharing his life.
    Compassion and joy
    pulse from Khen Rinpoche’s heart.
    Blessings flow outward.
    Happy Birthday, best wishes, and thank you to an inspiring teacher.

  14. Dear Khen Rinpoche,
    Birthday Blessings! May your light grow brighter every year, every month, every day, every breath!!! May you continue to touch the hearts and minds of beings everywhere! With appreciation and gratitude!

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