Siddhartha School Student Wins First Place in the Clean India Regional Essay Competition

The Clean India Movement (Swatch Bharat Abhiyan)
By Padma Lhazes

Padma Lhazes, a Siddhartha High School student won first place in the regional competition for the Prime Minister’s Clean India Essa Contest. We are very proud of her work on this essay to motivate all citizens, not just the famous or powerful, to take up the cause of a Clean India for the sake of India’s future.—The Editor.

Life is too short to see the effects but too long not to take the necessary steps. For the future of the next generations, for the future of India we must take the necessary steps now, or else life may become too short.

The great person of India Mahatma Gandhi had said that “sanitation is more important than independence.” India is still a developing country because of poverty lack of education, lack of cleanliness and other social issues. We need to eradicate all the bad reasons from society causing obstruction in the growth of our country. I think that cleanliness is the best place to start eliminating the social causes or issues as well as promoting the growth of the country. Only the success of cleanliness campaign may bring a huge positive change in our country. It belongs to the internal and external growth and development of everyone living in the country. Cleanliness is essential to the slogan:

“Healthy, happy, and hygienic citizens impart a healthy and developed nation.”

The Clean India mission was started by Prime Minister Modi 2014 on the 145th birth anniversary a Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was aware of the weaknesses of India rural areas and its people. He dreamt of making a clean country but it was not fulfilled, we are still living in a dirty environment, and putting our lives in danger in every moment. While addressing in parliament in June, 2014, the president of India, Pranab Mukherjee, said that hygienic, waste management and sanitation across the nation will be launched as part of the Clean India (Swath Bharat) mission, and that this will be tribute to Mahatma Gandhi for his 150th birth anniversary (to be celebrated in 2019).

One of the best and most important initiatives taken by the government of India, the Swatch Bharat Abhiyang aims to clean and hygienically protect the country. Catering to the needs of the moment, this mission was already at in its second year and the government seems quite enthusiastic about the initiative. Is Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, the Clean India Movement, an initiative only for the Government of India? Are we youth not responsible for the current state cleanliness and hygiene? We are, right? Then, let us come together and help our government to achieve this great initiative.

Great personalities like Mary Kom (World Class Boxer), Akshay Kumar (Award-Winning Film Actor), Sachin Tendulkar (World Class Cricket Player) are also a part of this mission. But should they be the only champions? Why can’t we all be? I can still remember the day when I was really motivated by Dr. Abdul Kalam’s speech, when he said: “If every student adopts honesty and compels his or her family members and relatives to do the same, the day is not far when India will become entirely corruption free.” The same earnestness is required when we think of the role of students in the Clean India Movement (Swatch Bharat Ahiyan). In brief, students play an important role in the Clean India mission. If we take up the mission and give our best effort in the coming year, we will get a clean, hygienic country. We could live freely in a pollution free environment, but we all have to take a serious pledge to care for a clean country and disease free country. The government is giving their best effort to realize this mission, but for big jobs, the individual must be responsible, and if we all take personal responsibility and unite for this cause, the work will be easy.

‘Divided we fall, united we stand.’ We, people, are selfish creatures. We all think about the future but live at present and enjoy without much care for tomorrow. We really have to think about the future generations also, so that students, parents, and great personalities, as well as unsung people, will realize a healthy future India. We must stand and show that yes, we all can take part in realizing a Clean India. This will be vital if our nation is to develop.

Though the government is putting forward its best effort we have yet to get the fruitful result we desire. We need to undergo an attitude change is the Clean India mission is to really work in its true spirit.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. (Victory to India)

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