Wish A Happy Birthday to Khen Rinpoche, age 77, and Daniel Kaethler, age 9, Siddhartha School’s Hero of the week!

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“We shouldn’t leave anyone outside of our love.” —Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan, SSP Founder. He turns 77 today,

“We can lead by example.”

— Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan,
in a message to his US supporters of the Siddhartha School Project.

Dear Friend,

It is a delight today to share with you that Khen Rinpoche turns 77, at least ‘officially.’ When Rinpoche was born in Stok village so many years ago, birthdays were not marked on the calendar by family and friends. So, he really only knows that he was born sometime after Losar in the midst of Ladakh’s snows.

Birthdays are a big deal for kids in the USA. When the Siddhartha School’s founder and Director Emeritus ‘Mei Mei-ley’ Rinpoche (mei mei-ley means grandfather in Ladakhi) heard that Judy Kaethler’s son Daniel was turning 9 and asking all of his friends to make a donation to the Siddhartha School Project in lieu of gifts, he was touched by this wonderful gesture. Daniel’s birthday wish shows true altruism as he puts other children’s needs before his own.

Thanks to his thoughtful and inspired leadership, Daniel, his friends, and family raised $180 to help a Siddhartha School student in need. This gift will provide a student with six months of schooling, serving to make a dramatic difference for the child’s family in need of emergency assistance.

Daniel’s love for the Siddhartha School is reflected in the letters he writes to Stanzin Thinles, the student that he and his family sponsor. Now that the school has an email account for sponsors to share their letters, pictures, and drawings, we hope friends will follow Daniel’s lead by sponsoring and corresponding with the children of Khen Rinpoche’s homeland.

Top: Daniel’s recent letter to his friend Stanzin (bottom left) and Stanzin’s recent letter to the Kaethler family (bottom right). Sponsorship is a great way to share the values of education, helping others, making friends, and cultural appreciation with family and friends.

It is with great pleasure that Rinpoche has chosen Daniel as Siddhartha School’s hero of the week for his generosity and selflessness. Happy Birthday Daniel and Happy Birthday Khen Rinpoche! Our children and our teachers are the leaders in creating a more peaceful, loving world.

With deep appreciation for thinking of Siddhartha School on your special day,

Laura Kozaitis
Executive Director
Siddhartha School Project USA

Left: Siddhartha School children bundled up and waiting in line to board the school bus this time last year. Right: Geshe Tsewan, Siddhartha School’s new Director, outside of Saboo Village, early last month.

Ladakhi Schools Ordered to Delay Opening Due To H1N1 Concerns.

208 Test Positive for H1N1 in the Jammu and Kashmir State, 6 people have died from the virus in the valley already this year.

Swine Flu outbreak in India is delaying school openings across the Jammu and Kashmir state of which Ladakh is a part. Siddhartha School will follow the government order and stay closed until mid March. If you are a sponsor of one of our children, please note that the delay may effect their replies to your kind letters. Ms. Dhasey, Siddhartha School’s English teacher will work with students to get their replies to your letters as soon as they return to school and are settled into classes. H1N1 is a very serious health issue for many parts of India, you can read more about the situation here.

The delay means more time for the children to stay indoors with their families. Outside, temperatures typically register at -5 F, so one can imagine that another week at home with family is welcomed news for the children. The holy month kicked off by Tibetan New Year is winding down as families observe a tradition of fasting and prayer for all beings to be free from suffering.

Join Daniel in helping a child in need of assistance towards tuition. Sponsor a child or give a one time gift of any amount to help keep Siddhartha School accessible to all families regardless of their economic circumstances. Jullay!

To donate by check, please make it payable to the Siddhartha School Project, PO Box 524, Freeport, ME 04032. To donate by stock or wire transfer, please email Laura Kozaitis for assistance. Thank you so much!

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